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Yoga Session


At Natural State Namaste, we offer a wide variety of yoga classes. Our weekly class schedule includes a selection of classes for all skill levels, making it easy to find the perfect class for your fitness level and goals.

Our Self Care Sunday class is an opportunity to start off your week with some moderate flow yoga dialed down a notch honoring your individual energy level at the end of the day.  This class allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness, move the body, and wind down to a deeper state of relaxation as you prepare for your week ahead.

Our Chair Yoga Class will offer the benefits of our other yoga classes but use a chair as a prop for support, balance, or advancing the pose as appropriate for each student. A series of options are given for each posture to allow students to find the optimal balance between support and challenge to meet them where they are at the moment. This class will incorporate an exploration of alignment, strength, balance, flexibility, breath, and relaxation. All are welcome to this class. No Yoga experience needed.

Our Restorative Yoga is designed with gentle floor based sequences using bolsters, blankets, and props that support the practitioner to fully relax the muscles, slow down the mental activity of the brain, shift emotional patterns, bring ease to the breath, and tune into the nervous system’s healing capacity.


Resistance Training- 11:00am - 12:00 pm

Resistance training is a form of exercise intended tincrease endurance and muscular strength. It involves exercising muscles using some form of resistance. This resistance could be weights, bands, or even your own bodyweight working against gravity. In this class, you can focus on specific results, such as joint stability, muscular endurance, increased muscle size, power, and strength. 


Our Functional Movement class is Vinyasa based class with an intention to improve flexibility. Functional Movement will work on the many elements that contribute to movement with full range of motion, including restricted muscle tissues, joint, joint capsules, motor control and soft tissues. It is a low impact, but challenging. It is also excellent in accessing a greater sense of freedom in your body. This class will move you through the 7 primal patterns of movement to increase mobility, flexibility and strength. Suitable for all levels and ages.

Every Third Friday of the Month
Candlelight Yin Yoga - 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Our Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice focused on applying moderate stress to the connective tissues – tendons, fascia, and ligaments – with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Most stretches and poses are mat based and tend to be held for longer periods of time.

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