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Integrative Health

Natural State Namaste will provide you with a natural approach to rebalance your body and achieve optimal wellness. Whether you are looking to rebalance hormones, lose weight, solve digestive issues, or dive deeper into your overall wellbeing and longevity, Robyn is here for you.

If you answer "YES" to these, we can help!

  • Fed up with not feeling well and want to finally find answers

  • Frustrated by being told you’re fine when you know something is “off”

  • Interested in a natural approach to achieve wellness, weight, or longevity goals

Areas of Emphasis

Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Women & Men Hormonal Imbalances

Yoga & Strength Training

Heavy Metal & Toxin Removal 

Stress Reduction & Healthy Sleep Habits

Supplements & Essential Oils & Herbs

Diet & Exercise

Ayurvedic Principles & Practices

Science Lab

Functional Medicine Labs

Food Sensitivity


Omega-3 & Inflammation


​Candida, Metabolic, & Vitamins


​Optimal Vitamin D


​Gut Bacteria & Parasite


Minerals & Metals


 Stress, Mood, & Metabolism


​Thyroid Panel

Thyroid TSH


 Adrenal Cortisol Stress 


Female or Male Hormone Lab


​Women's Wellness


​Men's Wellness


​Estrogen Test


Progesterone Test


Testosterone Test



Essential Oils

Equilife CBD Products

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