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Discover the perfect balance of body and mind with Natural State Namaste! Our client corner provides you with the tools to explore a mindful lifestyle. Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.


At Natural State Namaste, we provide a range of services to help you cultivate holistic health and well-being. With our experienced staff, we are ready to answer your frequently asked questions and help you make decisions that are right for you.


What are the benefits of Yoga? 

With regular practice, you will notice your body getting stronger and more flexible; you will feel more grounded and have better posture. On a mental level you will notice improved focus, the ability to stay calm and maintain relaxed breathing.


Do I need to be flexible and strong? 

It is a misunderstanding that you have to be flexible or strong to do yoga. We work on many levels including the body, the breath, the mind and the spirit in every class. You will find yourself becoming more flexible and stronger as you continue to practice yoga.


What class should I try?

It is a good idea to try different classes to get an idea of the style of yoga and teachers you like and is right for you. Ashtanga, Power Flow, and Vinyasa classes tend to be the more physically demanding classes, while Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga and the Restorative Yoga classes are less physically challenging.


Do I need to pre-register for class?

YES. We require pre-registration for all classes. You can pre-register on our schedule, and we also have an app for that! We have a 4-hour cancellation policy - please cancel 4 hours in advance if you are unable to attend class. Late cancellations will result in loss of your class credit. We do not allow students into class late. This is out of respect for our students and teachers. It is also a safety measure which enables us to lock our door at the start of class times. If you are not at the studio by the time class begins, you will not be able to enter.


What should I bring to class?

Bring water to stay hydrated, a yoga mat if you have one. We have mats available if you do not have one. You may want to purchase your own mat for reasons of personal hygiene and regularity of practice.


What should I wear in class?

Athletic clothing where the instructor can have a good idea of your body alignment, and at the same time clothes that are comfortable, fast drying and do not restrict your movement.


I’m coming to my first class! What should I expect? 

Congratulations on starting your yoga practice! We're excited to have you. First, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can meet you and help you settle in. One of us will give you a tour when you arrive and show you the studio where you will be taking class. For safety reasons, we do not allow new students to enter class late. Therefore, please arrive extra early for your first class. The practice space is a cell phone free zone. Please place your phone on vibrate or silent and leave it outside of the class. If you're on call or do need your phone, please let a teacher know.


What if I have pain or a pervious injury?

It is always appropriate to talk to the instructor about any existing physical conditions and concerns you have about them. Yoga benefits many people with chronic pain by helping the body regain its balance between strength and flexibility, movement and awareness. If you are under a doctor’s care for an acute situation, please be sure to discuss taking yoga classes with him or her.


Can pregnant women do yoga?

Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy, but make sure to let your instructor know you are pregnant. Make sure to avoid twisting, inversions, pranayama, any abdominal strengthening pose and lying on your belly. Remember, balancing poses may get tougher as you progress in your pregnancy so use the wall or blocks to keep yourself balanced and stay in the pose longer. Make sure to drink plenty of water and take bathroom breaks whenever needed.


What if I need to leave class early? 

If you know you need to leave class early, that is okay, but please let your instructor know ahead of time so that they know everything is okay. Please set your mat in a spot closest to the door to limit disruption on your way out.


Can I bring my child to class with me? 

The answer to this depends on your child's age. We strive to make all of our students feel safe, comfortable, and focused in all of our classes. We set our policies to ensure that each yoga students attends classes that are safe for the developmental stage of their body and brain.

Ages 14-17: We allow minors ages 16-17 in any of our classes, with permission (signed waiver) from their parent or guardian.

Age 13 and under: We do not allow children under the age of 13 in our adult classes. ⁠


What should I expect during my first massage therapy visit? 

Your therapist will begin by asking you general questions to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed and to determine if massage is appropriate for you. Your massage therapist may perform certain assessments and testing to evaluate your condition, and to see if you have any presenting complaints. 


What do I wear during the massage? 

Depending on the primary technique your therapist uses, you may or may not need to undress. For a full body massage, most people undress completely. However, you may choose to wear underwear. Your massage therapist will give you privacy to undress, and you will be covered with a sheet and blanket at all times except the area being worked on.


What do I do during a massage therapy treatment? 

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she or he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It's up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. 


How will a massage feel? 

It usually depends on the techniques used. Many massage therapists use a form of Swedish massage, which is often a baseline for practitioners. In a general Swedish massage, your session may start with broad, flowing strokes (effleurage) that will help calm your nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension. As your body becomes relaxed, pressure will gradually be increased to relax specific areas and relieve areas of muscular tension. Often, a light oil or lotion is used to allow your muscles to be massaged without causing excessive friction to the skin. Do not hesitate to ask questions or mention if you feel any discomfort so that the massage therapist can use another approach or technique. 


How will I feel after the massage therapy treatment? 

Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. After an initial period of feeling slowed down, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which can last for days. It is recommended you drink plenty of water following your massage. Massage therapists sometimes recommend a hot Epsom salt bath that encourages the relaxation of muscles post massage.



If any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to sauna use:

• Medications 

• Children 

• Elderly 

• Chronic conditions / diseases associated with reduced ability to sweat or perspire 

• Hemophiliacs / individuals who are prone to bleeding 

• Cardiovascular conditions

• Pacemaker / defibrillator 

• Alcohol / alcohol abuse 

• Fever • Sensitivity to heat 

• Pregnancy 

• Joint Injury 

• Implants


What do I wear?

Less is more (even nothing at all if you please!). Typically, a bathing suit or underwear are ideal for use in our infrared saunas (just be sure it’s free of plastic or metal fasteners or eyelets).


How should I prepare for my treatment?

The more water that’s in your body, the more productive your session will be. So we recommend good hydration as well as a light meal prior to your session (but nothing heavy or directly before your session).


Is it really beneficial to sweat?

Consider this: when you sweat, you increase circulation, which results in glowing skin, pain relief, weight loss, stress relief, increased athletic performance, improved immune function, injury recovery and more. Sounds pretty beneficial to us!


What does it feel like?

Warm, cozy and relaxed – how does that sound? That’s what the first portion of your treatment will feel like. During the last 10 minutes, your sweating and heart rate will increase though your comfort level will remain.


How will I feel after and what should I do for best results?

Think of how you feel right after a workout and that’s probably the feeling you’ll have right after your sauna session. But within 30 minutes, you’ll experience a boost in energy and mood resulting in a productive afternoon and restful night’s sleep.


Are the EMF levels safe? 

Yes. Patented SoloCarbon panels are 100% quality controlled by Sunlighten to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each individual heater.


Can I touch the heaters? 

No. The heaters will be hot, especially the mid-infrared section in the middle, so it is not safe to touch heaters while on or an hour after use. Touching the frames that cover the heaters is safe. Please use the back rest to lean against. 


How do you clean the sauna?

The good news is, infrared heat kills 99% of bacteria for a naturally sterile environment. But we go a step further and clean in between sessions with non-toxic plant-based cleaners.


What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. The belief that color is important in healing has been around for thousands of years rooted in the idea that specific colors in the spectrum of light positively affect your emotions.


What are the benefits of Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy has been shown to improve a range of emotions including sociability, happiness and success to name a few.


How many colors options do you offer?

Our infrared saunas offer you a choice of 12 different color options, each with frequencies of a specific vibration related to different physical symptoms to help your body re-establish its natural balance.


How can I make the most of my sauna experience?

We’re glad you asked! Click here for 12 Helpful Tips to Make the Most of Your Sauna Experience

SAUNA PROTOCOL - Follow this quick guide for the optimal sauna experience. 


• Hydrate with at least 8 oz (.24 L) of water to prepare your body for an increase in core temperature. 

• Pre-heat for approx. 45 minutes. Depending on room temperature, your sauna will heat up a degree per minute, before reaching 120°F (49°C). Heat time increases at temperatures above 120°F (49°C). 

• Use towels to absorb sweat during sessions. 



• Begin your session when your sauna reaches 100.4°F (38°C). 

• The optimal sauna experience occurs between 100.4°F (38°C) and 129°F (54°C). 

• To get your body accustomed to infrared therapy, start with 10–15-minute sessions at 100.4°F (38°C) every other day. 

• Gradually increase towards 40-minute daily sessions in the optimal temperature range. 

• Don’t be surprised if you don’t sweat during the first few sessions. 

• Sweating will increase with regular use, removing toxins and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

• For added intensity, use Pure Sweat amplifying cream to increase sweating, circulation, and to boost results.



• Drink at least 24 oz (.7 L) of water or electrolyte to rehydrate. 

• Dry off with a towel. Cool down naturally or with a refreshing shower. 

• Listen to your body. Be aware of excessive detoxifying. If you begin to feel symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, or flu-like symptoms during your sauna session, discontinue use immediately. If these symptoms continue, consult your physician.

Integrative Health

What is an Integrative Health Practitioner?

An Integrative Health Practitioner is there to help you wade through all the information coming out every day on different health benefits of particular foods and rules for movement. Instead of using a crash diet, or eating fad, an IHP works together with a client to create habits that are sustainable and realistic to your busy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed and to actually reach your health goals once and for all. Rather than getting a prescribed diet or fitness plan, you are getting individualized strategies that focus on your specific needs. Integrative Health Practitioners are trained in several different areas related to health such as nutrition guidelines and research, behavior change patterns, and physical activity to give you a well-rounded way to make positive, lasting changes to your lifestyle. 


How can an Integrative Health Practitioner benefit me?

Regardless of whether your health goal is to lose a certain amount of weight, get better sleep, lose the brain fog, increase energy, or any other issue that is getting in the way of your day-to-day life, an IHP can definitely benefit you. With the vast knowledge base an Integrative Health Practitioner has, you are in the hands of a professional who wants to help you find the best solutions to your health struggles. The other benefit of working with an IHP is you are getting individualized attention, you are listened to, and you have someone by your side as you implement, alter, and adapt these new health habits you are trying to put in place. Who doesn’t want someone in their corner, cheering them on with researched health advice that is being integrated into their current lifestyle?


What is a session with an Integrative Health Practitioner like?

In a nutshell, after the initial consultation where we discuss your goals, your current struggles, and if we would be a good fit to work together, we start implementing small changes to your weekly routine and your daily life. We make a wellness plan together on how you want to best put our discussion into action. With small changes, reflection, honesty with yourself, and some work, we’ll change your patterns, create positive behaviors, and reach those goals.


Does having an Integrative Health Practitioner really work?

While having an IHP does not guarantee you results since you have to be an equal part in the process and put in the work, some specific IHP client successes have included:

  • 5-25 pound weight loss

  • Overcoming food addiction

  • Eliminating the need for blood pressure medication

  • Improved energy throughout the day

  • Better sleep patterns

  • Cutting out diet pills

  • Elimination of bloating and becoming more regular

  • More energy for workouts

  • Eating a balanced diet

  • Cutting the sugar cravings

  • Overcoming the deprived mentality or anxiety

  • Incorporating daily movement


Who is an Integrative Health Practitioner really for?

Truly anyone can benefit from working with an Integrative Health Practitioner. When it comes to making positive changes for your health, there is really no way to go wrong when working with an IHP. While I predominately assist working moms, I also specialize in stress reduction, peri-menopause women, food allergies, and the list goes on.


To determine if working with an Integrative Health Practitioner would really benefit you, ask how often you experience specific things like:


  • Have you set the same health and fitness goal (lose 10 pounds, eat less sugar, etc) for over year and have not achieved it?

  • Have you started and stopped different types of diets with yoyo results?

  • Do you become overwhelmed by all the information when figuring out what to eat or what workout plan to follow?

  • Do you often feel tired, unmotivated, irritable, or foggy?

  • Do you have a lot of excuses for your current state of health?

  • Are your exercise habits spotty or nonexistent?

  • Do you feel like you do not have time to cook or workout, so you feel like improving your health is a lost cause? 

  • Do you need motivation to figure out how to improve your health because you are frustrated with a lack of real and lasting results?

  • Do you want specific, personalized actions that are realistic and sustainable to your life? 

  • Are you constantly putting yourself last?

  • Do you feel more successful with consistent accountability?

  • Do you truly want to make a lifestyle change?


How do I get started with an IHP?

If you are ready to create lasting habit changes, skip the yoyo dieting, and reach your health goals for good? Then working one-on-one with an Integrative Health Practitioner is going to be perfect for you. One-on-one coaching options here as they come in 4 week, 12 week, and 16 week commitments with varying levels of support at each one.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary, therefore, we respectfully request at least 24-hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling. If you do not show to your scheduled appointment time, or reschedule within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time, cancellation fees will apply according to our policy below:

  • Canceling less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.

  • No-shows will be charged 50% of the reserved service amount.

  • Appointments made within the 24-hour period, that are canceled less than 4 hours prior to the reserved appointment time will be subject to a fee of 50%.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that opening. Natural State Namaste policies are presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent servicing for our established and future clients. Thank you for viewing our policies and criteria.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: You are responsible for your own health care decision-making and should obtain necessary consultations with appropriately licensed health care professionals such as physicians and psychologists.  Even if those providing information via the Content display professional licensure or other credentials in the healing arts, or cite clinical trials or other medical literature, they are limited to providing information and education, and are not providing any clinical service via the Content. The Content is not comprehensive and does not include all the potential information regarding the subject matter, but is merely intended to serve as one resource for general and educational purposes.


If you have or suspect you may have a medical or psychological problem, you should consult your medical doctor or psychologist or appropriate healthcare provider.  If you think you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Never disregard or delay medical advice received from your licensed healthcare provider based on information in the Content. Always consult your physician, psychologist, or licensed healthcare provider before seeking any new treatment, or before you alter, suspend, or initiate any change in your medical or psychological treatment, medication or herbal supplement, routine, or protocol.

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